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N-Power 2020, Do It Yourself Guide for smartphone users.

Calvary!47 06/26/2020

It is possible to register successfully for the 2020 N-power empowerment program without a third party assistance. This is a; Do it yourself guide to help you navigate through the registration portal with ease using your smartphone.

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What you need?

A Smartphone/Personal computer, a Strong data connection, a Scanner/Phone camera, a Browser application (preferably opera-mini browser).


Open your preferred browser, and type this URL (web address) on the address bar, www.npower.gov.ng

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  1. Navigate to N-Power program and select.
  2. Select your category (i.e Graduate or Non-graduate category)
  3. Among the three tiers of programs; The N-Power Volunteer corps, N-Power knowledge, N-Power build and N-power tax.
  4. After selecting your program, proceed to fill the form;

How to fill the form.

  1. Name: (Fill your name as used in BVN registration).
  2. Gender: (Male or Female).
  3. Marital status: (Please always use Single).
  4. Email: (use a valid email address not already used for application).

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  1. Phone: no (provide the phone no. you use for banking activities).
  2. Date-of-Birth: (As used on your BVN registration).
  3. Country: (Nigeria).
  4. State and local government area of origin.
  5. State and local government area of origin.
  6. BVN: Bank Verification Number

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  1. Account no. (please avoid any mistake as it may affect payment)
  2. Any disabilities (give accurate information)
  3. Educational Qualification
  4. NYSC discharge/exemption certificate (for graduates)
  5. Employment status (select NO)
  6. Skills and Experience

Afterwards, upload your credentials, (N/B; use the App "Document scanner" for scanning the documents on your phone), Then Proceed to Submit your application.

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After submitting , a message will display your 'N-Power Registration Number' copy it out somewhere safe and easily accessible and save the page. (for support, please call them on their help desk 09060000446)

N/B: Your N-Power Reg no. will enable you to log-in for your aptitude test. I hope this article was helpful, please leave a comment.

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Top Comments
creamyBee · 06/26/2020
it's like opera news are working for scammers.the website is npower.fmhds.govt.ng/sign up.If you guys want to scam innocent people it's Good that will judge you.
Nwafrank · 06/26/2020
is that the real site for the registration ?
OdeUjewe · 06/27/2020
Ujewe Ode
GUEST_VRZ6MAggP · 06/27/2020
pls how do we get the real website

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