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See How Hushpuppi Was Captured by Dubai Police (Full Video)

TeeOoh 06/25/2020

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In a special operation, the Dubai Police have arrested 12 cybercriminals, including the one nicknamed as Hushpuppi and another, Woodberry, and foiled a fraud plan of the gang worth Dh1.6 billion.

The operation titled Fox Hunt 2 enabled the arrest of the suspects for crimes committed outside the UAE, including money laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, impersonation, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft.

Lt-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, said the arrest of the suspects is another achievement for the police in ensuring the emirate's security and safety. "Similar to operation 'Fox Hunt 1' that took down an African gang of nine online scammers last February, 'Fox Hunt 2' is another effective action against cybercriminals who try to mess with the world's security and safety," he said

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According to Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for Criminal Investigation, the suspects were caught in a series of synchronised raids by six SWAT teams. "The operation was carried out in a highly professional manner in terms of planning and execution as well as setting a zero hour to take down all gang members in the same time," Al Mansouri said.

Al Jallaf said the anti-cybercrime task force was able to track the gang members and detect their criminal activities including creating fake accounts on social media and hacking corporate emails to trick clients into making money transfers to the gang's bank accounts.

"The suspects also targeted victims overseas by creating fake websites for well-known companies and banks in a bid to steal victims' credit card information and then launder the stolen money," Al Jallaf continued.

He said the raid resulted in confiscating incriminating documents of a planned fraud on a global scale worth Dh1.6 billion ($435 million).

Click here and watch the video for more details

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Top Comments
raymondojike · 06/25/2020
America arrested hushpuppy cos he stole millions of dollars.Ask them how did abachas recurrent billions got to their country.y waiting fr abachas to die befr releasing those billions .They should b bold to release the ones of our serving politician.I put it to United states and other Europe supper powers ,they are worse than hushpuppy fr our money is in their custody.T he only formulae to stop corruption is to prevent our leaders from defrauding our over 200million people colluding wt America and other foreign nationals.r remove the carcass and the vulture will flee
UNIQUEMedia24 · 06/26/2020
That serves him right
TeeOoh · 06/25/2020
click on the text "'here"' to watch the video i should have i highlighted the text, i apologize

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