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BBnaija pepper Dem: Tacha Clears the Air on the Promises of Millions Made by people

Info2U 06/25/2020

BBNaija pepper Dem Reunion Day 15.

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Housemates talked about their ordeal with the real world, after the big brother. If the were surprised by the amount of fame they had to deal with outside the house. They talked about fans expectations from them and how they handled it.

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Ike says he didn't expect such fame, because he never really had deep understanding of what the show entails.

Tasha says she wasn't surprised by the fame, but rather by the family ( THE TITAN'S), says she never saw it coming.

They also talked about getting money or gifts from fans. Some say they experienced it while some said otherwise.

However, Enkay narrated her "fan money" ordeal, that came up as a result of her eviction from big brother house, due to LUDO game. She said, she got money from a random fan and do not expect to get such an amount of money from someone who doesn't know her.

Seyi says, rather than get, they are asking for a money from him, while some feel he doesn't need it, because he is the grandson of Awolowo.

Jackie talked about expectations from Friends and family, says she feel responsible for everyone and therefore, finds it hard to say no when they ask for her support.

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Tacha says she never really had to deal with fan pressure for giveaway. She further stressed on all promises of Millions made by people, when she recently got out of the big brother house, says they are all AUDIO as none was given to her.

She said, the only legit money that she got immediately after she left the house, was the one from the GoFundMe account.

If you know you are not giving someone something, stop making Promises.

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