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Beautiful white woman shares her experience with a Nigerian man at the beach

Yor-vester 06/24/2020

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Nwaanyi ocha, as she is popularly known, is a white woman married by an Igbo-Nigerian.

She has taken to her twitter handle to show her full support and Loyalty to the Igbo race in promoting their culture and language.

As a woman endowed with natural melodious voice, the way she pronounces most Igbo grammars use to amaze her followers on twitter. Her Igbo accent is original but her voice sugar coats every words she says.

The amazing thing about Nwaanyi ocha is that she can speak Igbo fluently than most Igbos.

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She can also boast of having knowledge about some Igbo histories than most Igbos due to her interest in Igbo culture which drives her to travel to places of discoveries of Igbo ancient legacies.

After her visit to Nri kingdom which was the ancestral land of Igbos, she did an amazing painting of an ancient picture she saw. According to her, it was inspired by a wall painting she saw during her visit to Nri kingdom. Most Igbos can't boast of visiting Nri kingdom. Her painting also makes her a good artist.

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Recently, she briefly shared a lovely experience during her first visit to the beach in Lagos. Her point was that she didn't know that Nigerians refer to the whites as "Yellow"

According to a caption on a picture she posted, she said; " 8 years ago- my first time at the beach in Lagos.

There was this man singing for us with his ichaka: "Yellow yellow yellow, you are drinking Guilder, drinking Guilder..."

Little did I know he was referring to me. I never know I looked yellow to some people"

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What an interesting woman to have.

Source: opera.com
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OyisOyis · 06/24/2020
9ja grammatical echelon
ObinnaJohnEchefu · 06/27/2020
that's serious
AbbaFather · 06/25/2020
we hope she continues like that ooo

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