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Man crashes 120 million naira Lamborghini few minutes after taking it from the showroom

OJblogg 06/25/2020

A man has reportedly crashed a Lamborghini which worth £200,000, and with the naira equivalent it will worth 120 million naira, just within some minutes after taking it from the showroom. 


The new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, as it could be seen in the pictures was heavily smashed on the motorway 20 minutes after the buyer had been handed the keys. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


The luxurious sports vehicle stopped on the M1 near Wakefield, England, because of a mechanical failure, then another driver uncontrollably ram into the back of the Lamborghini, thereby causing a heavy damage to the sports car. 


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West Yorkshire Police took to their twitter page to share some of the photos of the damage and they wrote;

"It’s only a car! 


"But on this occasion a 20 minute old brand new Lamborghini that stopped due to mechanical failure in lane 3.


"Hit from behind by an innocent motorist #couldhavecried."


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According to the police spokesperson who confirmed the incident said Lamborghini and a van had collided. The van driver sustained some head injuries, but the injuries are not believed to be serious.


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globalreportre · 06/25/2020
what a waste even if it is insured

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