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Tribute to Nigeria gallant soldier, Haruna Banana who was killed in battle in Borno state

Libertynews.com 06/24/2020

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Tribute to gallant soldier, Haruna Banana who was killed in the front line in Damboa, borno State.

Haruna Banana died in battle against Boko Haram insurgency. He was a young gallant soldier who fight tirelessly in the combat against terrorists in Damboa before he was gunned down. 

The death of the young brave soldier was announced on twitter by one of his colleagues.

Before he died, he was a very nice person, jovier and easily make friends with people. 

The family of this young soldier are still missing him, because he was a rear gem to the family, friends and colleagues. 

He was truly a hero, he died bravely to safe the territory of his fatherland so that me and you can live without fear.

We all pray that the soul of Haruna Banana should continue to rest in peace. 

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
AlbertUlochukwu · 06/25/2020
adiue my hero
MaryPeter_14 · 06/25/2020
she tau ng GHA her
NnamdiOhaya · 06/25/2020
why is it that everyday we the hear bad news that bokokaram kill Nigeria soldier, our youths are dying everyday, you want to tell me say bokoharam is powerful than Nigeria soldiers, hmm God help us
MhiztaOligarchDaniel · 06/24/2020
Our able young brother s are dying everyday, most service chiefs if not all are busy driving in SUVs and buying houses ups and downs. RIP, tho

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