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STAG BEETLE- The Most Expensive Insect In The World Worth Over $90,000.

Tribridpg 06/29/2020

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You are probably wondering how that's even possible, why will an ordinary insect be worth up to $90,000 but that's the thing, the Stag beetle is no ordinary insect it is the most rare and strangest species of insects in the world. Unlike other normal insects, the Stag beetle has long red mandibles hanging out from it's head. Indeed this beetle has mandibles, but they do not bite with them instead they use them to wrestle amongst themselves.

The beetle larvae mainly feeds on rotten wood while the adults feed on juice, tree sap and water. They live underground because they do not do well in cold water.

These beetles are extremely beautiful in nature and their rarity also makes them even more special. It has shiny black head and thorax and it's wing case is brown in colour.

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GUEST_z98JBQqnE · 07/24/2020
if I get it how do I sell it?

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