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Isn’t Mr. Modi showing his weakness by not responding to China & Nepal, like he did to Pakistan?

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Look at the map above. Red is China, Pakistan also is under China meaning a huge landmass, 1.3+200 million and surrounding India on the whole of Northern side. Not to mention the Pakistani Kashmiris in Indian Kashmir rooting for China. Yup thats what we are dealing with as of right now.

China has Economy, Military, education. Infrastructure,The commitment to Government, Technology, Science

China is at par with any other nation on planet earth maybe even more.

Now Compare Nepal and Pakistan which is under China, in terms of Population, Infrastructure, education and technology

Tell me where these two countries stand?

In an international forum what is the standing of Nepal and Pakistan under China? NOTHING. Till this day Pakistan under China who claims to be a messiah of Muslims have not uttered a word for Uighuyrs, that is the power of China.

I don't mean at all that they are bad countries its just that these are poor countries who are dependant on support from some big nation at all times. India is against China, the mighty giant. Here, India needs to be very careful, every move and word makes a difference. Pakistan is a Chinese colony so we are surrounded by China on three sides.

Remember Olympics?

There were people evicted just to make Olympics ground, imagine this happening in India? Impossible.

Twitter, Youtube and Google; China has banned them all: can this happen in India? Nope.

Do you hear any news from Tibet? Nope What news comes out of China? Nothing.


Dealing with Pakistan under China and Nepal is not easy at the same time not some mighty task but China is another game. China is a giant and sometimes to beat a giant what it takes is to think hard, very hard.

We have friendships but we are not any nations colony. We are independent, we are Hindu thus we are the only nation with a polytheistic faith on such a large scale. Why will anyone stand for us, maybe for some moral support but our battle only we have to fight.

Thinkers don’t talk much. Let ModiJi think, I am sure he has some weapon in his arsenal and he will shoot it at right time as always. He saw how nobody cared what Imran Khan said everywhere about Kashmir. ModiJi has respect in the world, G7 summit and all. What he speaks matters.

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