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Say These Prayers Today (24/6/2020) To Attack Evil Beast and Enemies That Oppress Glory

Joynews 06/24/2020

Prayer To Attack Evil Beast

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1) Mysterious beast that appears in my dream, Holy Spirit cut it asunder.

2) Aged beast like rabbit. Catch fire in Jesus name.

3) Evil beast like snail that draws my progress backward die by fire.

4) Evil animal like lizard that brings hunger and lack into people's life, be destroyed in my life in Jesus name.

5) Evil beast like cow that destroy pregnancy in the dream, I command your activities over me to be destroyed in Jesus name.

6) Evil animal like Vulture that makes one dirty, catch fire in Jesus name.

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7) Evil animal like agama lizard that swallow one's promises, receive God judgement in Jesus name.

8) Evil animals like frog that is big for nothing that the enemies are using to manipulate my life, be roasted by fire in Jesus name.

9) Every covenant with this evil beast, be destroyed today by the blood of Jesus.

10) Any human being like beast that is expecting my evil days, let inherit the grave to the glory of God.

Prayers To Attack Enemies That Oppress Glory

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11) The strong man that burying the glory of my life in this city, Holy Spirit disgrace him in Jesus name.

12) The personality that is going into the forest because of my success, Holy Spirit fire your arrow at him.

13) As a result of the glory seen in Jacob and Esau, the enemy input deceitful tactics in Jacob, which he paid dearly for before he could receive the promise, every tactics of the promise. Every tactics of the enemy be destroy in my life in Jesus name.

14) The enemies in my father and mother's families that have seen the glory of my child with their spiritual inner eyes and have planted stubbornness and error into him/her Jesus Christ, blindfold them and destroy their works in my child's life today.

15) May God, grant the night judgment to the evildoers working against my life today (AS God judged between Saul and David)

16) Jesus Christ, render their power dead in my life Jesus name.

17) As you brought the plan of haman to naught the life of Mordecai, do the same against the enemies of my life Oh lord.

18) All evil spoken against me in the physical or in the dream, the blood of Jesus neutralizes them today.  

As you say these prayers, believe by faith that your Prayers is answered in Jesus name. Amen.

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