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See the 3 Beautiful Children of TB Joshua-Achievements & Bio

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See TB Joshua's 3 Beautiful Children – Achievements and Bio 

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Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua otherwise known as TB Joshua is one of the most compelling and wealthiest ministers in Nigeria and Africa. 

Brought into the world 12 June, 1963, he is 56 years of age now.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. He is the pioneer and originator of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), he controls Emmanuel TV station which is the biggest Christian TV station in Nigeria. He has more than 2.5million fans on Facebook, and his Youtube channel recordings have in excess of 300 million perspectives. 

See pictures of TB Joshua's folks and the exceptionally helpless house where he grew up: 

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Indeed, even a minister has a family. Look down to see these excellent photographs of TB Joshua's significant other and youngsters.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.


Evangelist Evelyn Joshua is the charming spouse of T.B Joshua. She has been hitched to TB Joshua for more than 25 years. 

Evelyn was conceived on the seventeenth of December, 1968. She is a local of Delta State where she hails from Okala Okpuno in Oshimili North Local Government. Her better half is from Ondo state. 

Evelyn was brought into the world a twin however her twin sibling is late. 

She was destined to the groups of Mr and Mrs Nicholas Akabude. Evelyn went to St Emecheta Primay School in Ezi Town in Delta State yet she would later come to Lagos in 1977 where she finished her essential instruction at Orile Primary School in Oshodi. She likewise had auxiliary instruction in a similar region. 

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. When she met her better half, she was working at the Nigerian Distilleries in Ota while going to the Assemblies of God Church. 


As indicated by Evelyn, TB Joshua proposed to her inside forty five minutes of their first historically speaking gathering. She was twenty two years of age around then. 

Evelyn had visited her sister at Ikotun-Egbe and everybody was discussing this specific prophet. 

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. She needed to meet the prophet too on the grounds that at that a great time, she was searching for an otherworldly guide. She went to see him at home with her sister however she didn't meet him. Numerous months after, she went to see him again and this time she met him. 

At the point when TB Joshua met her, he took a gander at her for a long while then he composed the word Ejide (twin) on a bit of paper. 

TB Joshua disclosed to Evelyn numerous things about herself, some of which she knew and some that she didn't. 

After their discussion which kept going around forty five minutes, he proposed to her. This was extremely bizarre to Evelyn however as indicated by her, when he made the proposition, her heart concurred with it. 

She would later ask him how he could see a woman the first run through and propose to her. It was now; that he enlightened her regarding a dream he had a few days prior. 

Evelyn wedded T.B Joshua a few months after that gathering thus far, it's been a glad encounter being hitched to the prophet. 

As indicated by Evelyn, that critical gathering with TB Joshua was an awesome plan in light of the fact that on the morning of the gathering, she really had a guidance to take a quick trip and see him. 

Furthermore, glancing back at it despite the fact that the proposition felt bizarre and she's appreciative to God that their marriage has been honored. 

How about we meet their youngsters. 

SERAH JOSHUA:  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Meet Prophet TB Joshua's first youngster – multi year old Serah Oyindamola Joshua. She is an alum of the London School of Economics under the Department of Law. She did her Masters in New York. 

Sarah was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2015 and in January 2016, she was called to bar at New York Supreme Court. 

In a meeting, when asked how it felt being the principal conceived of Prophet T. B Joshua, she stated: 

"I am special and lucky to be the little girl of such an unassuming and incredible godly man called T. B Joshua. He is somebody I turn upward to. 

I am so glad, so unassuming to be his little girl. He has been a decent guide. 

In this way, I can't bear to baffle him and God, in light of the fact that to whom much is given, much is normal. What's more, I certainly love him.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

My companions are sur­prised that I am his little girl. What's more, truly, they generally need me to intro­duce them to him. 

At the point when individuals realize that I am his girl, they are consistently sur­prised. What's more, that spikes me on to work more enthusiastically and accomplish what I need. 

I am my daddy's pet since I appreciate him a ton and the best is yet to come." 

Guarantee JOSHUA:  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Prophet TB Joshua's subsequent girl Promise is around 21 years of age. She contemplated Politics and International Relations at London School of Economics in the United King­dom. 

Guarantee uncovered in a meeting that she wears indistinguishable size of shoes from her father and here and there shares a portion of his footwear with him. Guarantee likewise resembles her father. 

Peruse passages from one of her meetings underneath: 

How has life has been as Prophet T. B Josh­ua's girl? 

That is a decent inquiry. Life has been incredible. I feel it's a benefit to be Prophet T.B. Joshua's girl . He is one out of many. I have never observed anybody like him. He is a world fig­ure who has done a considerable amount. It's a significant privilege to be an offspring of Prophet T.B. Joshua. 

Okay de­scribe your father as a severe dad, a discipli­narian? 

He has a touch of everything. It's acceptable to have some equalization. I think he is very extreme, he shows us what to do. He needs us to prevail by copying the way of respect he has picked. He is a drill sergeant without a doubt. By God's elegance, we are following his way and getting results. 

Is it true that you are mummy or dad­dy's young lady? 

I think I am a greater amount of daddy's pet. I am nearer to my father. 

How would you respond to the negative remarks about your father? 

I believe that life is loaded with challeng­es, and one thing my father has shown us, is that the way to progress is certifiably not an honorary pathway. From him, we have discovered that at whatever point analysis and judgment come our direction, we should consider them to be venturing stones to more prominent statures. 

In addition, he has instructed us to consider terrible to be in life as a method of strengthen­ing our confidence in God, since like he generally says, crown and wonder are not without their own agonies. 

Indeed, even Jesus, the rescuer of the world was berated, censured and killed by man­kind whom He had come to spare. You ought to be terrified when your life is excessively smooth, so says my dad. 

At whatever point I hear negative remarks about my father, I urge him to continue, since I know most genuinely that he is on the correct way. I truly appreciate him as a man in his own reality, who has achieved a ton. He is certainly a good example. 

Would you be able to wed a minister? 

On the off chance that God needs it, why not? 

Have you at any point profited by being a little girl of Prophet T. B Joshua? 

Initially, the otherworldly spread I appreciate is unquantifiable. I have recorded a great deal of accomplishments in numerous things I have done throughout everyday life. I likewise think I have gotten a great deal of favors being his little girl. He has affected such a large number of lives on the planet, thus, numerous peo­ple out there need to help me once they realize I am his little girl. Being his little girl has opened such a significant number of entryways throughout my life. 

How was experiencing childhood in the home of T.B Joshua? 

It's an encounter I will live to recall. It's novel as in I experienced childhood amidst numerous individuals. 

Being a congregation all things considered, I have taken in a great deal from individuals of various societies and climes, and that has made me an extremely basic and receptive individual. 


View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

There is no much data about the third offspring of TB Joshua on the web. 

Remember to tell me your opinion of TB Joshua's family in the remarks. 

Offer this story with your companions and friends and family. 

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LennyGeorge · 07/25/2020
A great servant of God.
GUEST_Wj63QkBGp · 07/22/2020
Prophet T.B.Joshua is an inspiration to all those with open mind and hungry for God genuinely. I love everything about him and his humble family. More anointing on him I pray everyday.
GUEST_Wj63QkBGp · 07/22/2020
Prophet T.B.Joshua is an inspiration to all those with open mind and hungry for God genuinely. I love everything about him and his humble family. More anointing on him I pray everyday.
OnyebuchiOkolieEmmanuells · 07/22/2020
GOD please take control

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