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So Sad: Painful Exit of a 22 years old lady (Photos)

Chidex1415 06/29/2020

This world is very misterous, the way people die this days is very alarming. Someone you saw today maybe no more tomorrow.

The way this young lady died is like a movie. Because it's bearly two months she posted on her Facebook, with her words she said .

" If I die In this Lockdown, no need for AUTOPSY, Na yam and red oil and garri with salt kill me 😭".

This really got me wondering if she knew that she is going to die. If is very painful dead. Her post got many of her friends worried, and many laughed about it, now it reality.

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Late Miss Sandra Chinenye Obioha Ihekwereme, we love you but God loves you most, if tears can bring you back, we will cry you a river, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Please, send me your sympathetic massage to the family of the diseased. Thank you.

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BALLOGRAM · 07/3/2020
what a pity
heyqshow · 07/3/2020

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