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Mr President, you're indeed a president for every state and Nigerians - Wike hails Buhari (Details)

News Hub Creator 06/29/2020

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has extended his warm appreciation to President Buhari for refunding the state N78. 9b spent in fixing federal roads. The said amount had been a point of feud between the state and federal government for a long time before the reparation.

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The appreciation was contained in a signed statement published on The Nation Newspaper on Monday, June 29, 2020.

Governor Wike has put aside party's politics to hail Buhari and infer he is impartial and unbiased in his treatment for Nigerians and Nigerian states.

“Mr President has by this remarkable and heartwarming gesture shown not only your love for the government and people of Rivers state, but, also, demonstrated expressively that you are indeed a president for every state of the federation and all Nigerians” Wike said.

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This is surprising however given to the perceived strained relationship between Wike and President Buhari's Federal Government which was heightened during the initial phases of the lockdown.

Is Governor Wike playing a smart politics?

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Top Comments
Tayochenko · 06/29/2020
Governor Wike is speaking... He has received the 78 billion. He is intoxicated with happiness. He is thanking Buhari for being an exceptional president, and lover of Rivers people. He is thanking him for belonging to no one and belonging to everyone. He is no longer 95% - 5% The emperor is thanking Osinbajo and the entire FEC for pushing the case of the people of Rivers. Most of these monies were due when Amaechi was governor but Wike and Jonathan blocked it. So you can understand why Wike is delirious. 78 billion naira free chedda in COVID times It's manna from heaven He is begging Buhari to visit Rivers so he can shower him with love. Four weeks ago, he had accused Buhari of trying to import coronavirus into his state by flooding the stare with almajiris from the north. Months before then he had accused the federal govt of trying to assassinate him. His supporters believed him. Buhari was a fulani demon. He said he is now ready to partner the president to develop the country. Today, he is professing his love for an exceptional president; for the president and for his ministers. He took costly full page advert spaces in national dailies to profess his love.
LuckyAustin · 06/29/2020
wike is a good example in governance, if buhari does something good he should be praised because he is Nigeria president and not APC President so wine is just being smart ,in politics there's no permanent friend or enemy.
GUEST_p759DKEk6 · 06/29/2020
the refund of #78.9b was done to shut the mouth of Rivers state government from complaining about the $2.8b gase pipeline to AKK to industrialize north whereas the chicken that lay the golden eggs have not such. what is #78.9b to Rivers state government on what they actually spent compared to $2.8b not spent but borrowed and be repaid by both beneficiaries and non beneficiaries. the refund was timely to concise with the launch of AKK gas pipeline . this northerners get sense too much.
AmosEsuga · 06/29/2020
Power of money.Money can turn the best of friends into arch enemies and can also turn perennial friends in into sworn enemies.

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