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If you want to succeed in life, please you need surround yourself with this 5 types of people

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"The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.” (Henry Drummond)

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There are five types of people you need to associate yourself with if you want to enjoy a quality of life:

The Inspired One

Inspired people are the ones who create the urge or the ability to do something in your life. These are the individuals that create a sense of fear inside you and create a state of mind that is inspiring rather than disempowering.

Inspired are those that spark interest within your heart and mind and cause you to seek inspiration elsewhere as well. They create an inspirational environment that results in a high quality of life.

2.The Passionate One

Passionate people are the ones who communicate their passion through the medium of life. They immerse themselves in what they are actively interested in and find themselves in the flow.

These are the people who, like the inspired individuals, infect you with their ability to become passionate. They cause you to reflect on your own levels of passion and guide you curiously to a place where you can be just as passionate as them.

Their passion is obvious and spills out of them. They have that glitter in their eye and love in their heart.

3. The Motivated One

Motivated people are the ones who get things done. Very rarely do they fight to undertake tasks because they have a clear dream of that they deserve a life of their own.

The reason why motivated people are so important in your life is that they teach you how to become a person who is intrinsically driven rather than extrinsically motivated. In other words, they teach you how to develop motivation from inside, rather than having your motivation determined by the environment.

These people work hard on their journey and set an example of how hard you have to work on your own craft and life. They 're teaching you how to set a schedule, focus on important items, carry out one assignment after another, so on and so forth.

4. The Grateful One

The happiest people are those who live in the present moment and show their full appreciation for what they have and the situations in which they find themselves.

These individuals allow you to fully relax in their presence and carry with them a calm energy that will become infectious. You're drawn to these people because of how present and attentive they are.

Such people encourage you to see the positive as opposed to the negative. We take a good look at the bottle and drink deeply from it. We take the time to look at the leaves,

the flowers, breathe in the air, and feel all the sensory stimuli that are available to them in the immediate environment. They 're fantastic mindfulness practitioners.

5. The Open Minds

Open-minded people are those who expose you to new ideas, people , places, experiences, etc. They introduce you to a whole new world, and as a result your outlook is wiser.

They are the people who can give you the opportunity to break out of your comfort zone into something you previously felt to be uncomfortable with. They 're basically widening the comfort zone for you by the act of even being around them.

High-quality environments

That of these types of individuals has a role to play in creating a high quality atmosphere for your life, and creating a high quality environment creates a high quality of life.

Through and every one of these types of individuals would also have a synergistic effect on your life. They 're all powerful on their own, but when they're combined, they 're delivering results that could never have been thought of.

Inspired people are generating energy inside themselves.

Passionate people build fire inside themselves.

Motivated people generate inspiration within themselves.

Grateful people build happiness within themselves.

Open-minded people build open-mindedness within themselves.

Essentially, they pass their attributes to your character when you spend regular time with these types of individuals, for the simple reason that what we spend time with is essentially who we are.

In spending time with these types of people, you 're beginning to pick up their way of thinking, their behaviors, their routines, and so on and so forth. It will give you a new viewpoint and start the cycle of momentum so that you can do the same thing inside your own character.

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