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Liverpool Finally Wins The EPL - See What Stopped Them From The Title For 30 Years

PraiseEkpo 06/26/2020

On June 25, 2020 English Premier League Side, Liverpool Football Club won the domestic title, for the first time in thirty years, with three games to go. Liverpool were expected to win the league since the early parts of the year, but the ill-fated advent of Covid-19 put their title aspirations on hold.

Viral clips emerged on the Internet showing various Liverpool players watching the Chelsea versus Manchester City game on television, City’s loss to the blues ensured the mathematical impossibility of Liverpool losing the Premier League title this season.

Liverpool fans had dreaded that the Coronavirus will lead to the league been cancelled null and void but luck and fate was on the Jurgen Klopp side, and Liverpool fans who had waited for thirty years finally tasted the domestic silverware. Back in 1990 when they last won the league, Liverpool were a dominant force in English football, being the most decorated team, but things began to descend from there and they failed to win the title again mainly because of the following factors;

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Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United

In April 28, 1990 Liverpool clinched the First Division Championship (as the EPL was referred to as then) with a 2 – 1 win over Queens Park Rangers, it was a record 18th domestic title, and 10 in the last 14 years, there seemed no answer for the domination that was here and that was to come from the Merseyside Reds, but that was short lived. Arsenal and Leeds United won the next two seasons and when it was renamed to the Premier League in the 1992/1993 Alex Ferguson began his domination that will see him and Manchester United win 13 of the next 21 premier league titles.

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The world had not seen the coaching genius they witnessed from Ferguson in that 20 year span, multiple times, He coached the United team to three titles in a row. The motivation for Ferguson and Manchester United’s brilliance was knocking Liverpool “off the perch”, a term given to the English side with the most titles, in 2002 Ferguson was quoted claiming his greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool off the f***ing perch.

In the 2011 season Manchester United kicked Liverpool of its perch by winning their 19th league title, making them the most successful side in English football, a tally that now stands at 20, but with the dominance being displayed by the Liverpool side led by Klopp, it is possible they are coming to recover their perch.

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Pep Guardiola and Manchester City

The 2018/2019 Premier League season was one of epic proportions, it was Liverpool’s best attempt yet to get domestic silverware since 1990 and in Eighty Three seconds, Liverpool fans all across the world once again saw their aspirations go up in a depressing smoke. Liverpool ended the season with an otherworldly 97 points (the third highest point tally by any English team in history) losing only one game and the title to the same nemesis, Manchester City who won the league with an impressive 98 points, two points shy from what they did the season before with 100 points.

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Liverpool pushed Guardiola and the Manchester City side to limit, but the City side was just too good, arguably one of the greatest Premiership squads of all time, while Liverpool went on a 9 win streak to end their campaign, Manchester City did 14. The only sign of weakness shown by the Liverpool side, who had a seven point lead in December of that Campaign, was a disastrous run in January to March when the Merseyside outfit drew 4 in 6 games. By March after their drawing streak, Manchester City had climbed back to the top of the standings, a position they would not give up and hold till the end of their campaign despite stiff competition from the Liverpool side.

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That season was not all bad for Liverpool as they went on to European domination, by beating fellow England side, Tottenham Hotspurs to win the UEFA Champions league, which they had lost to Real Madrid in the Finals of the previous year.

Liverpool Themselves

Aside the Ferguson and Manchester United Hegemony, Liverpool FC has been their biggest hindrance to domestic glory. Their 30 year title drought has been characterized by late season botches and slip ups. In the 2018/2019 season they held a seven point lead over Manchester City, but a couple of disastrous streak draws caused them to lose leadership of the table and eventual title.

In 2014, Liverpool blew their title chances in spectacular fashion to Crystal Palace, in the game where they led three nil from goals by Joe Allen, Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez, they allowed Crystal Palace equalize the game by scoring three late dramatic goals, ending their chance for domestic silverware that season.

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The 2014 season will be remembered by Liverpool fans for Steven Gerrard’s slip to Chelsea, after going a 11 game winning streak, a tactical masterclass and a gift from the gods slip from Steven Gerrard ensured that the Title fight was out if their hands.

In the 2002/2003 season Liverpool were expected to challenge for EPL gold after coming second to Arsenal the previous season, Liverpool went on a 12 unbeaten run to lead Arsenal by 12 points but in usual fashion, Liverpool collapsed and failed to win their next 11 league games, winning just two of the next 16 games in a season that saw them ending fifth and 19 points away from eventual champions and arch nemesis, Manchester United.

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The 2019/2020 season saw Liverpool put on a masterclass of consistency and skill, although aided by the inconsistency and dwindling forms of its closest contenders, unlike previous seasons, Liverpool did not lose sight of the goal and botch another chance after coming off the bitter end to the last season. Faced with numerous adversities including the Coronavirus, Liverpool emerged victorious and is no doubt ready to use its superior talent in the English Premier League to establish a hegemony and dynasty rivalling the ones built by Manchester United and Alex Ferguson.

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