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How To Neutralize Poison Immediately You Notice That You Have Been Poisoned.

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The world is no longer the way it use to be and been poisoned is in higher proportion these days but whenever you notice you have been poison then don't panic, just follow these steps;

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* Get an alligator pepper, take it to your back and open it (this is if you don't have one that u have opened)

*Take out 21 seed of it.

*Get a seed of bitterkola( wash well)

Chew both of them together and swallow it all after chewing.

It may be hard for you to do because of the hotness of alligator pepper and bitterness of bitter kola but if you endure and do it, it will neutralize the poison.


*This is 100% effective if it is taken some minutes after you drink or eat the poison.

* it may not be effective if the poison has circulated all around and enters your blood stream.

* It is very important that you are careful to know when you body changes when you are outside eating/drinking but if you are not the type that know then chew it before going out to eat/drink.


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Top Comments
MhizQuinn_01 · 06/25/2020
it work but u did not complete the process
+234-0816760**** · 06/25/2020
It is not enough to say the process is incomplete without providing the missing part. Provide it else the audience should disregard your point of objection.
EngrSundayOronarOgedegbe · 06/25/2020
mhizQuinn,the process is not complete,then complete and post immediately thanks
Is it medically proven or base your hypothesis on tradition ?

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