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The Vampires Pet- Episode 3

GistBro 06/26/2020

The Vampires Pet- Episode 3

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Am sorry sir. he said, placing my leash in the man's hand, Please can you come with me to the front.

With that, the pet master turned on his heels as I stayed there on the floor, trying to process everything.  

The world was moving too fast. I looked up and shrunk back as I was met with those penetrating eyes of my new master. 

He gestured with his head, and lightly tugged on my leash. I stood up as quickly as I could, not wanting to be choked if he decided to pull harder next time.  

My legs began to shake as I stood, both from the pain and because of the fact that I hadn't actually used them in a while.  

The man waited until I was steady, noticing my struggle before he started walking.  

This vampire was weird, I said to myself. 

The pet master would have just started dragging me if I took that long.  

I made my best effort to keep a good amount of distance between us, enough that the leash had some slack in it, and that there was no question on why I was walking behind him.  

It made me uncomfortable. 

I almost ran into him, not realizing that he had stopped.  

Do you need anything else today?, the pet master said as he gestured to the assortments of collars, leashes, whips, muzzles and countless other things that are very unpleasant to the eyes. 

The man looked down at me before looking at the selection.  

I avoided an eye contact with him at all costs.  

I will take those, he said, pointing at something that I couldn't see.  

Excellent choice, the pet master said, retrieving whatever the man had asked for.  

The uncertainty made me shift uncomfortably.  

Are you sure that you don't need any whips?, You might need it, so that you can be able to discipline her. he said, pointing to me.  

The man shook his head, making my nerves calm down. 

I already have one, he said.  

I kept that same distance as we walked out of the shop, my leash in one of my new Master's hand, and a bag containing an unknown item. 

I squinted my eyes as we stepped outside, the unfamiliar sunlight hitting my eyes and skin for the first time in what felt like forever.

I looked at my Master as we kept walking, trying to get a good look at him without risking getting yelled at. 

As if he was sensing my stare, he turned his head. I quickly avoided my gaze, and looked down.

I have been told that some Masters don't even like their pet to look directly at them, and I really didn't want to get hit or whipped, especially after last night.

The warm concrete felt nice against my bare feet. 

The realization hit me, a lot later than it should have.

I had a Master now, and my entire life just changed, and from that moment I became sad. 

The uncertainty of thoughts, now lies in the hands of the Vampire that's holding my neck by a string.

Quite literally.

He held the authority now to do whatever he wanted with me, he could even punished me, and make life so miserable for me. 

This time, I did run into him when he suddenly stopped.

His emerald eyes trapped mine as I began to step back. 

I am sorry Master, I nervously sputtered out, only to cover my mouth with my hands as soon as the words came out. 

I have learned not to speak unless spoken to from the Pet Master.

I squeezed my eyes shut, ready for my Master to hit me or yank on the leash, but he didn't.

But to my surprise, he took my wrist in his hand, and lead me into the back area of a limousine. 

Most vampires in the city usually travel in a limousine. 

But only specific slaves were chosen to drive them.

I waited until he sat down to take my seat, because I didn't want him to feel unhappy. But then, he gestured for me to sit next to him, and so I did.

To be Continued... 

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