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3 Things that person must do to avoid poverty in covid 19 period

Auwalguru 06/24/2020

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During this corona virus period, must of the people living in Nigeria don't know what to do and how to do it but with just 3 tricks that I will discuss to you, and it will give you enough knowledge on how to avoid been poor or an emaciated cow or become problem to your family, friends and colleagues.

1- Start creating online class

Their are many things for a particular person to start during this stay home stay safe of the corona virus period, And one the them is creating online class. online class is just class that cover a lessons on a particular topic/course related to the educational purpose either for nursery, primary, secondary and even tertiary institutions(such as colleges , universities and so on ).

2- Become opay agent or POS business

It is easy for any one to become an opay agent as far as you have requirement to be the agent which required the following credential; national ID card , electricity bills and BVN number. If you have the requirement then download an opay application from google playstore and start marking morning in home without moving for selling something on the street and as well POS also helps in depositing and withdrawing money, buying airtime and paying bill which you can do all this in home to be safe and rich not poor.

3- Start local business in your House

Their is many local businesses that you can start in your home due to this lockdown and stay home stay safe period, These are the business that you can do in home.

1- selling recharge card

selling recharge card can help you making some money because it always needed by people who needs to exchange some messages and marking some important calls and it not happen without recharge card that why you should start this business. And you can start with 2000 naira and above.

2- selling food items

food is all always needed for any human being and a person cannot survive without food. Since food is life what can't you start this business. And I will some cash money to become rich in your community.

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