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Most Used Mobile Web Browsers

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This is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android where it is the default browser built into the OS (operating system). As of May 2020, StatCounter estimates that Chrome has a 68% worldwide browser market share on PC (personal computers). Because of this success, Google has expanded the 'Chrome' brand name to other products: Chrome OS, Chromecast, Chromebook, Chromebit, Chromebox and Chromebase.

2.) Safari

This is a graphical web browser developed by Apple, based on the WebKit engine. It was first released on desktop in 2003 with Mac OS X Panther, a mobile version has been bundled with iOS devices since the iPhone's introduction in 2007.

3.)Samsung Internet

This is a mobile web browser for smartphones and tablets developed by Samsung Electronics. It is pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices. Samsung estimated that it had around 400 million monthly active users in 2016.

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This is a Chinese web browser developed by the Singapore/China based mobile internet company UCweb, which is in turned owned by the Alibaba Group. It was more popular than Chrome in some of Asia's fastest growing markeks like India and Indonesia, but it has been declining in popularity.

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This is a freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux OS; developed by Opera Software. Opera is a Chromium-based browser using the Blink layout engine. It differentiates itself because of a distinct user interface and other features.


This is a free and opens source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and it's subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implement current and anticipated web standards. It is officially available for Windows 7 and newer, macOS and Linux. Its unofficial ports are available for various Unix and Unixlike OS. It is also available to Android and iOS.

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