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Casemiro Shines And Make No Noise!

Ajisafe1 06/29/2020

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• casemiro is the player of Zizou, he is the most under command of French. He is the fighter who comes forward to attack when Real Madrid needs decisive goals, as happened in the Cardiff final three years ago and as happened yesterday against Espanyol.

• In modern football, casemiro is the player every high-level team needs to stop the opponent and pick up the balloons that allow counter-attacks. The best thing about casemiro is that he not only does the job, but when he can do the shot... he does it with all his strength! All this to help the team.

• Zidane asks him to go ahead and take risks and continue to attack when things get complicated to solve complicated matches, due to the Brazilian's own goal.

• Last night, the's defense code was decoded when Real Madrid made the difference in a great way after a Benzema pass, casemiro scored, so the Brazilian had scored 4 goals in the championship and 5 goals throughout this season.

• Far from the sparkle of expensive football players, casemiro doesn't waste time on social media and is the enemy of strong statements.

• casemiro is the most important player for Zidane, and he played more this season as he participated in 39 games, can't be touched, and missed the game of Majorca for the accumulation of cards.

• As in the Cardiff final, when casemiro touched the ball at a distance and scored a goal against Buffon, this goal changed the result of the match, as did the Brazilian goal that changed the result of yesterday's match.

• The camera's goals don't pursue casemiro when leaving Valdebebas or at airports, photographers never meet him at night, he's like no player and has a market value of € 85 m.

• Porto was willing to pay € 15 m for his contract 5 years ago, but Real Madrid decided to take it back and after eight months, he won the Champions League title with Real Madrid.

• casemiro is seen as the foundation for Real Madrid's defensive system success, when he plays, the team receives few goals, so if he scored the goals, its importance will double.

• Real Madrid's lonely advance came thanks to this Brazilian from Castilla 7 years ago, and today he is the leader of the fort.

• casemiro makes noise... Yes, it's true, but... only in the field.

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