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Some Weird Things About Coronavirus You Need To Know.

Nonso8067 06/24/2020

You have seen it all, at the bar in your office and probably heard how the most dreaded disease has killed more than ten thousands of people globally, in USA alone where the disease has taken much control, 177 people are more likely to get infected by the dreaded virus in just a day. the virus produces similar symptoms like fever and body ache, cough and fatigue, the virus which the cure has not been found has killed 483, 651 worldwide.

Here are some weird facts you need to know about the virus and how it will affect every aspect of our life.

Immigration: when the news of corona virus was circulating around the globe many airport were shut down to hinder more spreading of the virus and many people thought it was going to help not knowing the disease has spread already with people unknowingly contacting it and revealing how dangerous the disease could be.

Here is advantage of it in the immigration aspect," in Italy and US and UK where the disease has killed more people compared to any other place in the world will open door for those that wish to live in their country to come in start new life and help their crumbling economic from devastation, they will be too much space for people to show what they have," because for me the more the people the bigger the economy. US which has been affected worst by the virus will not allow China their biggest rival to overtake them and will desperately want to gain their economic loses, the rivalry between this two country is more important to them sometimes that they ever ready to whatever it takes to do the unthinkable and put their country a head.

Disadvantage of it in sports: since the advent of the dreaded virus all sporting centers have been closed for months," creating more boredom and stopping all social activities across the globe will definitely trigger anxiety problems.

Advantage of it in sports: finally when all sporting centers like football stadium will be open ticket will rise," generating more income for the club.

And lastly things will change the rich might even get richer or get poorer nor the poor will get richer or get poorer. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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