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Celebrations erupt at Anfield after Liverpool end 30-year title drought (see pictures)

Ebukajp 06/26/2020

The dream of most Liverpool FC fans has finally come to reality. It has been 30 year when Liverpool last touched the English league or the English Premier League. It might be surprising that most Liverpool fans has never seen their club lift this premier league.

Liverpool was regarded as the most successful club in England, but Manchester United came and overtook them because of their inability to win the league for such a long time.But the happiest part of it was that the chain of the title draught was broken last night, after Chelsea FC helped them to defeat Manchester city FC that was at the second position.

Liverpool FC did try on several occasions to win the EPL title but all to no avail. In 2012/2013 season, Liverpool nearly won the title but Manchester United denied them of the trophy. Thesame thing happened last season, 2018/2019 season when Manchester city aswell denied them of the trophy. But this season, they vowed that nothing on earth will deny them the trophy this season and as the fate might have it, they are presently the winner.

It's really not easy for a team to win the league with several matches left to be played, that is to tell you how strong Liverpool is presently. Liverpool as it stands now is a team to be reckoned with both in England and in Europe because they are the current European and world champion. All kudos goes to their wonderful coach, Jorgan Klopp, the German tactician who is behind this wonderful success.

Presently, celebration is going on in Liverpool, outside of the Anfield stadium. These are some pictures gotten from the scene.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Liverpool fans holding a replica of the EPL trophy.

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Liverpool fans celebrating outside Anfield stadium.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Liverpool fans celebrating last night.

All thanks goes to Chelsea FC, that helped Liverpool FC to be able to win the trophy earlier than expected. Congratulations to Liverpool FC, the current English premier league championship.

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