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Statistics Of Daniel James And Nicolas Pepe Showing Their Performance This Season

Tinowatt90 06/29/2020

In this article we shall compare Manchester united and Arsenal left winger , Daniel James and Nicolas pepe this season. We know that Manchester united and Arsenal are currently fighting to finish top four. Both left wingers started the season well but lost focus at the middle and are still trying to regain their form.

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Daniel James was very phenomenal in the beginning before Paul Pogba's injury. He scored three goals in his first three matches for Manchester united. He even scored against chelsea. After suffering goal drought in over 20 matches, he have managed to provide 6 assist this season. He is currently Manchester united too assist of the season.

Nicolas pepe is currently the most Expensive player in Arsenal, and he is yet to show his worth. His performance have been far behind of what was expected by the gunner's fan. He has managed to score only Four goals in 24 games, he has also provided six assists.

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valentinoigwe · 06/29/2020
James is better than wasteful Nicolas pepe
EmmanuelIkechukwu_07 · 06/29/2020
James ke na boy to pepe
GodwinDecoSani · 06/29/2020
go Pepe
[email protected] · 06/29/2020
pepe ko rodo ni...

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