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"Don't Talk To Me If You Don't Make At least 500k A Month"- UK Based Nigerian Feminist Says (PHOTOS)

Barthiwu13 06/28/2020

Nigerian Men have been known to come under the microscope for so many things over the years, and many times they have been adjudged by their income level. This has so far pushed many of them to doing a lot of illegal things so as to please these ladies, but still they are never satisfied.

In today's article, a UK Based Nigerian Feminist popularly referred to as Vashti on twitter has taken to her social media account to make her demands known to the men.

Vashti took to her twitter to say that before she can be engaged by anyone, the person should check out how much he makes in a month. Because she can not be wasting her time with someone who earns lesser than 500k. She went further to classify the opinions that they give as Poverty Stricken Opinions.

She then extended her demands to qualifications. She asked that before a guy should tweet at her on twitter, he should check if he is qualified enough for that. She doesn't waste time with broke heifers. It should be known that Vashti is still a student in UK, so the qualifications she is talking about is still something of a confusion.

Should a guy be judged solely on how much he makes? Make your comments underneath at the comment section.

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