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Child Education and The Heat of Covid 19

BalTech's 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. #Education shapes the future of every child. 

#Education is the Key🔑 to a better life!

#ForEveryChild https://t.co/xRXtIdkHeg

To support children during COVID-19, we need to support their parents - the first responders for learning, health, well-being and care.

Though schools remain closed due to the #COVID19 lockdown, learning does not stop for schoolchildren in @BauchiState.

With support from @USAID, at least 2 million children in #Bauchi continue learning from home via radio and TV.

#COVID19 is disrupting education across the globe, and it’s on all of us to reimagine the world we want to see when it resumes. 

UNICEF led the charge in 2019 for education for 17m out-of-school children, and now, amid coronavirus, our work is more important than ever. https://t.co/bJsPlplY6z

After months at home many students will be looking forward to returning to school, but others may feel anxious or frightened. @UNICEF has put together guidance to help parents and children navigate these complicated emotions together.


#ForEveryChild, quality education! https://t.co/BPAZMzoQBe

#EarlyMomentsMatter https://t.co/V2LVVH934V

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