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Nigeria covid_19 Cases Accelerated

Murraydenen 06/25/2020

Nigeria covid_19 has lifted again. 649 cases of the deadly corona virus have been recorded in Nigeria. The total number of confirmed cases now hits 22,020. According to NCDC report, 263 cases were discharged; and 9 deaths were recorded.

NCDC statistics show that State by state break down of the confirmed cases in the country include:

Lagos: 250

Oyo: 100

Plateau: 40

Delta: 40

Abia: 28

Kaduna: 27

Ogun: 22

Edo: 20

Akwa Ibom: 18

Kwara: 17

FCT: 17

Enugu: 14

Niger: 13

Adamawa: 13

Bayelsa: 7

Osun: 6

Bauchi: 6

Anambra: 4

Gombe: 3

Sokoto: 2

Imo: 1

Kano: 1

As at 24th June, 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of the corona virus pandemic in Nigeria are 22,020. There are 13,867 active cases. The total number of discharged cases now are 7,611; and the total number of deaths are 542. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

According to NCDC, no state has reported a case since the last 24 hours. Click the follow up button, if you like to get updated anytime there is a new development.

Source: opera.com
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