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Face Off Looms Between Buhari And Tinubu As APC Leadership Takes This Decision

AdemolaTops 06/25/2020

Face Off Looms Between Buhari And Tinubu As APC Leadership Takes This Decision

A face-off may likely be in the horizon between two strong pillars of the All Progressives Congress, that is President Muhammadu Buhari and the National leader of the party, Bola Tinubu.

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This is because recent development coming from the meeting currently on-going of the National Executive Council of the party points to the fact that some decisions are already been taken to rubbish the influence of Bola Tinubu in the party.

This Thursday afternoon, the Adams Oshiomole-led working committee (NWC) of the party was dissolved. This is most likely is a big slap to the national leader who as everyone knows has the loyalty of the Adams Oshiomole's national working committee.

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Interestingly the decision is being backed solidly by President Muhammadu Buahri.

In dissolving the NWC, the Victor Giadom led leadership announced the set up of a caretaker/extra-ordinary convention committee with governors of Osun and Niger as members while Governor Mai-Mai of Borno state was named as the committee;s chairman.

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The report has it that he was immediately sworn in by Abubakar Malami, who is the attorney general of the federation.

According to the caretaker chairman who was the former secretary of the party, he says there is no issue in the lawfulness of the meeting since its a continuation of the last meeting, so there is no aberration at all.

This decision and the stance of President Buhari may have unwittingly pitted him against the national leader who as it appears has been in the control seat with the previous setup.

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The decision infact more or less amounts to the rug being pulled from under his feet and Bola Tinubu and his loyalist beginning from the suspended national chairman, Adams Oshiomole may not take this development lying down as they will also ensure the fight back to take over control of the party.

As it stands, Bola Tinubu's back-end control of the party has just been rubbished and this might be the signal for a full scale power tussle which hopefully will not tear the ruling party apart.

We all watch and wait to see what the Adam's Oshiomole camp will do to fight back.

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Top Comments
Omoolad · 06/26/2020
Let Tinubu tries a face off with the president and smell his poo-poo . small rat
AkintileboAlexOlalekan · 06/25/2020
the body language of the president speaks aloud
AbimbolaRaphealElufisan(ARE).. · 06/25/2020
The best bet for them to leave the Party and form another party to test their might with APC, were they not warned, we warned Oshiomole he shld stop all his gra gra, politics is not a game of powerdrunk not arrogancy, its just a game of brain, Diplomacy, technics and logic, but Osho will not listen, he thinks he is God forgetting that No Man is God, To Tinubu he so much believe in his spread of nets and authocraticim and dictatorship, the two really played into their hand enemies big time, and they really played to the gallery, l am waiting fot the next line of action, PDP will be in happier mood now
OgbuntaKenneth · 06/27/2020
no fight 😂🤣

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