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The Atmosphere You Permit Determines The Product You Produce

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The Holy Book says: As a man thinketh, so is he" ( Proverbs 23:7). Your thoughts are such powerful raw materials that God gave you millions of brain cells to help you process your thoughts as an aid to your journey through planet earth. Your failure or success therefore, does not totally depend on God, but on you! God has done is part! That Bible verse was used to describe a stingy man, it is actually the hidden quality of all men- as they think, they become! Your thoughts tends to manifest or materialize in your life! Apart from prayer, if our thoughts are that important in the creation of whatever we desire, then why are you stingy with your thoughts (thinking small)? If you think big, you will become big; if you think small, you will become small. If you think you can..... Or if you think you can't, you are right. You will get what you think. As the year running to an end, prepare your mind also to be the best you can be. Think big as we approach the second half of the year! Nothing is above God, He is not afraid of your plans; He is not disturbed about the size of your dreams. So why are you making small plans? Why are you wasting your life in the crowd of mediocres? God is bigger than every mountains, He is more awesome than all the oceans, He is bigger than the deepest valleys. Don't limit Him in your thoughts. Never allow Depression and self pity to consume you because of that delay. Walk by faith, think big. Psalms 81:10 :I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.

 You are bless

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