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The Difference Between Having a Crush and Being in Love?

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Having a crush is like seeing a movie trailer for the first time. It peeks your interest and you might want to find out more about it, but you’d be OK without watching the whole thing. You’re uncommitted and may have many crushes at once. Maybe you do eventually go and see it and realize halfway through, “damn, this sucks.” Onto the next crush. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Being in love isn’t a choice. You don’t care what Rotten-Tomatoes says about it - poor acting, terrible punchlines, overused jokes - you simply cannot live without seeing it. Your thoughts are no longer your own but that of an infatuated, love-ridden, hormonal teenager. The love goggles come on and shutout friends, logic, and reason.

And then you finally go see it. Maybe it’s not what you expected. There were some really good parts, but not without some bad ones as well. Sometimes you cried, other times you laughed. You realize the anticipation of seeing the movie was better than the movie itself. Was it worth it?

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