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Buhari has done beyond expectation in these fields, see why he deserves commendation [Opinion]

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The Nigerian president have done more that what we expected from him before he came into power, as a result of this, he deserve commendations.

Buhari has done well and is still trying his best in the power sector, but many people are not applauding him for that, all they want is to hear where he made a mistake so they can start critics. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Buhari has also tried in drastically reducing the level of insecurity in Nigeria especially in the north east.

Buhari also need commendation for tackling the issue of corruption in this country, this has always been part of his campaign and he is really trying in eliminating these looters out.

More also, Buhari has tried in the creating of jobs for average Nigerians, looking into N-Power and how the government are creating more jobs every day

And most importantly, Buhari has done what no other president has ever did in the infrastructural development of this country.

Source: opera.com
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