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Check out one of the most Inhumane forms of executing people in ancient times

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The Bronze Bull

This execution device was made by a sculptor in ancient Greece. The device was offered in order to "lick" the ruler at that time.

This bronze bull is an instrument of torture tool as well as execution, that is able to make a sound to entertain the executioner.

Wait, what does this mean?

The condemned inmate will be bound and put into the bull, then the fire is lit under the belly of the bull. So, the hollow, whose main material is metal, will automatically roast the convict alive until he dies.

The artificial bull is also not simple, because there are also some acoustic pipes in the neck of the bull statue. So the screams and groans of the prisoner in pain from the bull's stomach will be converted into a unique sound; some sources even mention the sound of a real bull.

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This is a very cruel and inhumane punishment. May this never again be done by anyone!

Source: opera.com
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