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These Are What The Colours Of Your Period Signify

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Period is an important topic that matters to the female gender, even though it is not talked about all the time.

Which is one of the reasons you are entirely different from the opposite gender (male) aren't you proud to be a woman?

You might doubting for a long time, due to the fact that your monthly period blood come in different colours.

You are not alone, and the thoughts inside of your head is likely the same with other women speculating about it also.

Most of the time, the question you ask yourself is "when will it come? I hope it won't be so heavy this month?, and probably the colour."

The period colour is what we are about to discover right away, sometimes the blood come in different colours, so do the blood colour signify a different meaning.

Can you recall back why your period is sometimes pink-tinged or some other times looks darker, a times brownish?

There is a reason why Dr. Lisa Masterson (the obstetrician and gynecologist) once stated in a Syndicated television show that Doctors call it (period) "Vital signs." That they tell women about their health.

Here is what the period colours actually signify:

Bright-Red Colour:

During the preliminary days of your period, when the period rushes furiously, there is a chance it would become bright red.

What this signifies is that you are seeing new blood that couldn't have the slightest chance to hang around and spending a lot of time or getting old in the uterus.

As stated by Dr. Masterson: "That’s normal menstrual blood flow.”

"Pink and red are normal,” So whip yourself up an amazing snack and hunker down with your favorite terrible romantic movie.

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Pinkish Colour:

Many women can relate with this, the very first indication of your period is pinkish in colour when you wipe with a toilet paper.

The reason behind this is because at the start of your menstrual period, when you are already expecting the period to take place, It is ordinary for your vaginal discharge to come in a slight pink-tinged.

This lighter shade likely indicates that the blood has mixed with your vaginal fluid commonly known as discharge. When the whitish fluid mixed with red blood, it then creates a pink blood colour.

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Brownish Blood:

The Brownish coloured blood is an older blood hanging in the uterus for a long time. Dr. Masterson described it not to be unusual to see at the very first start of your period.

Due to the fact that it stays longer from the previous month ago. Dr. Masterson said: “A lot of times, that'll be what you get right when it starts,”

She further explains that there is a tendency of seeing brownish blood, going from a light brown coloured down to a darker brown colour.

During the very end of the period, the flow of the blood will then slow and the older bits of uterine lining makes their final exit.

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Dark Red:

The dark red colored blood takes place when your period drags on, this can take place in the middle of your period, that is when the blood gets older and a little bit slower.

Dr. Masterson stated that all the shades of red are absolutely normal, without worries your uterine is only doing it's normal thing, just be sure you are prepared and well equipped with your feminine hygiene product of choice, like a pad, cup, sponge, depending on your own perspective, for some couples of days at least.

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Aside from all these blood colours, there is another color that is gray if it turns out gray it possibly means it is mixed with mucus, and that signifies infection.

But regularly if your period blood is not among the red, brown, or pink, then something is likely to be wrong you should contact or book an appointment with your Doctor.

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