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Another Dangerous Disease Found In China That Has The Potential To Become Pandemic

Chrischukwudi 06/29/2020

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A new strange flu that has the potential to become pandemic has been discovered again in China by the scientists.

It was discovered recently, and is believe to carried by pigs and can be transmitted or infects humans, the scientists say.

The report BBC News UK published on their Twitter handle few hours again, emphasized on the findings by the scientists.

According to BBC on what the scientists said that they (scientists) are very concerned that the Flu could mutate further to spread from one person to another and can trigger a global outbreak like coronavirus.

“So far, it hasn, 't posed a big threat, but Prof Kin-Chow Chang and colleagues who have been studying it, say it is one to keep an eye on.

The virus, which the researchers call G4 EA H1N1, can grow and multiply in the cells that line the human airways.

They found evidence of recent infection starting in people who worked in abattoirs, and the swine industry in China.

Current flu vaccines do not appear to protect against it, although they could be adapted to do so if needed,” according to BBC.

The world is fighting coronavirus that has killed more than 400,000 thousand people globally since it was first announced in China late last year, so having another global pandemic will be dangerous.

It is better the world at large come together to see what to do by investigating the existence of this virus to curtain the outbreak and not to allow it spread the way coronavirus did.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
Akansuny · 06/30/2020
We all need to go on our knees and pray for forgiveness and God's protection. The so called World leaders should ask God for way-out because Man can not do it only
EdwinPeters · 06/30/2020
what do you expect from a country that turned it's back at God, God will cripple China with viruses until they acknowledged God like Nebuchadnezzar did when God thought him bitter lesson, very soon people will take their businesses to other countries bcoz of viruses, China receive Jesus now and be free or you are doomed
Lovelakes · 06/30/2020
we thank God our borders are closed
GUEST_0a43W9A3x · 06/30/2020
China why

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