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See the shameful act that was done to this Nigerian woman by Ghanaian boys.

Talkathief 06/24/2020

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See the harshful act that was done to this pregnant Nigerian woman by Ghanaian boys.

There has been reactions as pregnant Nigerian woman allegedly gets raped multiple times in Ghana.

This woman(Nigerian) whose name is still unknown was reportedly rushed into an hospital in Accra, Ghana

This story was made known through a Facebook user known as Bright Sylvanus, who shared the news on his Facebook page, the woman who hails from omo state went to Ghana to work so as to provide for the family at home.

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In the process, a group of Ghana boys persuaded her and got her pregnant in the process, while she was till pregnant when was raped by a group of boys where she later found her self in Accra state hospital in Ghana.

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She was admitted at Ridge hospital for more than 3 weeks with no family or friend coming to her aid, what a pity!.

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Top Comments
ifybaba · 06/24/2020
Ghana and south Africa are the two most useless countries in Africa useless people
+233-20811**** · 06/24/2020
"... a group of boys persuaded her...". So when did persuasion become rape? You just want to incite Nigerians against Ghanaians. How much did the devil pay you for this job? You're painting a picture that Ghanaian boys are going round looking for Nigerians to rape. Very idiotic warmonger
GUEST_KonryL1m5 · 06/24/2020
Ghana's are Soo wicked that is why I don't like them even their films I get angry when ever I here of them and their country
Amewuga · 06/24/2020
This is a stupid, senseless write up by a feather-brained skunk of a human being who simply wants to set Nigerians up. against Ghanaians. What is the evidence that the rapists were Ghanaians? When next you decide to post something as useless as this, think carefully about where to launch it; Ghanaians don't accept this kind of foolishness.

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