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Must Say Word Of Morning Before Dashing Out Of Your House

VickeysLeo 06/26/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Lord we bless your holy name for how far you have kept us alive, we adore you and we say let thy name be praise, Thinking about your goodness, mercy, grace, favour and love towards make us say great is thy faithfulness lord. I the month of June today is the 26th day of your faithfulness if it were to be human we will have perish and vanish off earth but in the bounty of your mercies we are still alive Glory be to your name in the highest. We are so indebited of praise God, for in the hospital oxygen for an hour for patients in coma is 2000 Naira, calculating it in months and year really shows for us to be alone by ourselves proofs to us that you alone is worthy of our praise.

Every sin we might have committed lord we seek for thy forgiveness for the scripture says mercies prevails over judgement that we may reign with you in the end father lord forgive us our sins and iniquities

We commit our lives and properties into your able care lord take of it lord for it yours, we must fulfil destiny Lord. Every one on the sick bay currently receive divine healings... Let your name alone be praised God. Amen.

Sing this song of praise as you dash out of your home. "We are grateful o lord, we are grateful o lord, for all you have done for us, hallelujah we are grateful o lord.

For personal prayers for your family and relatives drop your prayer point in the comment below and stay blessed. Shalom

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