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Story Of A Man Who Committed Zina But Died In Sujood! – Emotional

Sadeeqabubakarmuhammed 06/25/2020

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Zina is labeled as Haram in Islam. This is one of the biggest sins which Allah does not forgive easily.

Zina in easy words is a premarital mating, In Quran, Allah labeled it as a “Grave Sin”. All the Muslims should stay away from such things, even if you are a Boy or a Girl, but one should stay away from such things. Islam does not stop you from Loving the person you like, but Islam does stop you from committing Adultery with them.

To be noted, Zina is one of the things which Allah never forgives, this is something highly not permissible, it is also listed in the Things that are Haram (Not permissible) in Islam. Forbidden things in Islam means that there is no place for escaping through it, the only solution or way out of that Haram stuff is that you actually repent with all your heart.

What you are about to watch is a story of a man who committed Zina but at the end, he died in Sujood! this is a motivational story for all the people who have done it but feeling that you have done something which can never be forgiven but this story is indeed an eye opener for us to know how merciful our God is. Watch what happened next!

We easily judge everyone without knowing their background story. To be noted, no one in this world is pure, this world is a test and if we let them suffer instead of helping them. If we look at the life of our last prophet Muhammad (PBUH), He never judged anyone, no matter how worst sinner a person is, he would deal with him very calmly and with affection. We should not judge anyone, instead, we should help that person and show him the right path, which is the path of Allah and his prophet (PBUH).

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Top Comments
Abū_Rāniya · 06/25/2020
Allaah forgives all sins no matter how great or ugly the sin is even if its Zina or Murder as long as one repents but Allaah doesn't forgive associating partners in His worship, or His Attributes or His Lordship. Note: they're conditions for repentance to be accepted.
Muh'dRoja · 06/25/2020
God guid from zina
AishaNajmuddeen · 07/7/2020
nice. but where is this story 🙄🙄 let ur heading and content correspond joor🚶🚶🚶
LarusUmarArgungu_01 · 07/7/2020
may Allaah forgives all sins no matter how

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