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Girl, 5, confronted by a huge "sea demon" jellyfish while walking on beach

Donor 06/24/2020

A five-year-old girl found herself face to face with a 6-foot "sea demon" jellyfish while walking on the beach with her father.

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Little Eryn Faux was enjoying a day of father and daughter with Father Dom at Colwyn Bay Beach in North Wales on Sunday when they saw the huge lion's mane jellyfish. The huge crimson sea creature, which Dom said was about 6 feet wide, was stuck on the sand waiting for the tide to come in and sweep it into the sea. Being careful not to let Eryn get too close because of its powerful sting, Dom quickly took a picture of his daughter posing next to the animal. Dom, of Llanddulas, Conwy said: "I had never seen such a large jellyfish before, it was truly amazing." We were walking towards the sea line and there was a large shadow.

As we got closer, I couldn't believe it. "" If you go out on the pier, you can see the lion's mane jellyfish in the water, but I have never seen one so close. I was really surprised. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

"Eryn didn't know what it was at the beginning, so I explained to her and she was very happy to be able to take a picture with it." Everyone who saw the photo was flabbergasted, my wife couldn't believe it. "It will be a great photo for Eryn when he grows up." The lion's mane jellyfish, named for their striking tentacles, are one of the largest known jellyfish species.

The largest specimen ever recorded was recorded off the coast of Massachusetts in 1865 with a bell diameter of 7 feet and tentacles about 120 feet long. These ocean giants are commonly seen along the UK coast during the summer months. After sharing the photo on social media, Dom was showered with comments from people blown away by the creature's large size. And many social media users have made funny comments when comparing the jellyfish with demonic and otherworldly entities. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

One said, "Either someone was sick or summoned a marine demon." Another commented: "It looks like a wormhole in another dimension." While another added: "It looks like a giant placenta".

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07084917**** · 06/25/2020
rarest sea creature to behold

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