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Warning: Stop Eating These Nigerian Foods Together If You Love Your Life

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There are some delicious meal we love to take together. We take these food because of the diets they contain. Combining two powerful foods can be sweet but it could be a problem to the body system. We should all learn to heed to some advice.

Below are dangerous combinations you need to avoid if you love your life

1. Milk and Banana

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This two combination is very dangerous. Do not ever try to attempt it whether purposely or unknowingly because it could be very toxic and heavy for the body system.

2. Meat and Potatoes

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Please you need to stop the habit of taking meat and potatoes. Combining these two food can cause digestive issues because of the lack of fiber.

3. Beans and unripe plantain

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The mixture of beans and unripe plantain is very dangerous and harmful. This is because of the digestive nature of these foods. Please be warned. (Note: Unripe plantain).

4. Yoghurt and Fruit

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If you love yourself never try this. When the protein in yoghurt comes in contact with the acidic fruit, it is always very harmful to the body system.

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BoluwajiBoboye · 07/16/2020
Xtakingsley · 07/11/2020
beans and unripe plantine kwa? story
Vinn646363 · 07/9/2020
thank you
ChidiebereOrizu · 07/2/2020
thanks Mr poster

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