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See the picture of a patient's blood sample a doctor shared, reveals cause and proffers solution

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A popular Nigerian doctor, Aproko doctor who is known for giving reliable advice to his followers has taken to his twitter page to share picture of a patient's blood sample which has elicited reactions from his followers. According to the doctor, he confirmed that the upper part of the blood sample he shared contained fat as he claimed that the patient had very high levels of fat in their body including cholesterol. He stated that some people could inherit it while others can get it through their eating lifestyle. According to the doctor, the patient had a condition known as hyperlipidemia but the good part of it is that it is curable. He further listed out some foods that contributes to this condition and they include; Ice cream, cheese, fried foods, processed foods, red meat, cakes, etc.

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However, he provided solution to this and also advised that people should eat food which have low fat, take lots of fibre (oats, beans, etc), include fish in your diets, make sure to carryout exercises daily and lose the extra weight.

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Following his post, lot of his followers have reacted to it and they have dropped their various comments concerning it.

A comment read, "Did this occur after the blood had settled or as it was being taken? I only ask because I am very fat and in all my years of blood being drawn from my veins, I have never seen fat in the blood?"

Another comment read, "Last year my mum went visiting our family doctor and while discussing he checked her lipid level. It wasn't high neither was it low. She was placed on medication and exercise. Today she is much better. We need to take our health serious. Its better than waiting to be bedridden."

Another comment read, "I remembered you did something on this last year or so. Thank you for the constant reminder to lead a healthy lifestyle."

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Extra tip: You should check your lipid levels and talk to your doctor about it. It's not something you can tell you have or see the symptoms until it has caused a problem, which can be a heart attack, stroke etc. The only way to know is to check.

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