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Some bad cultures around the world with amazing features (Photos)

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Some bad cultures around the world with amazing features (Photos)

There are other cultures around the world that are still poorly understood despite their evil intentions. Culture becomes a part of people, that is why some see it as the same, while others see it differently.

Here are some of the seven most amazing cultures around the world.

1. The carcass

Toraja people in Indonesia have a tradition of keeping the body moving before it is buried.

In a village in the mountains of southern Sulawesi, Indonesia, the Shamans, the dead play after their death.

According to their religion, for Toraja's dead body to have a good grave, he had to be returned to where he was born and buried.

The body itself rises and goes to the ground to be buried.

2. El Colacho culture freaks babies

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The Spanish colonists have been accustomed to dealing with this dangerous El Colacho since 1620.

In the tradition of El Colacho, infants are hospitalized where they are delivered to be separated from the demons.

At this festival, babies are put on mattresses in the streets and then dropped off.

3. Living the dead

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This is a version of some ethnic groups in Indonesia. They wrap their dead in various boxes and store them in their homes. They believe that this treasure is perfecting the spirits of their loved ones before they are buried.

4.Remove the coffin

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Lost carcasses can be found along the Yangtze River in China. Some cultures in China bury their dead bodies through the trash boxes.

They are located at a distance of 33 to 164 feet, while some stand 328 feet between the ground. They have been carving out coffin before 2000 years.

5. Throw babies from the sky

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This style is well known to the people of Solapur village in Maharashtra, India. Infants are dropped from a distance of 50 feet.

There are people waiting on the ground where they will hold a rally to bring down the blood. They say that it makes the little ones look good, stable and healthy.

6. Taking a woman on a cough

In Chinese culture, my husband takes his bride over the coals before entering her home for the first time.

They believe that it makes a woman feel easier and less vulnerable.

7. Mourning month of Muharram

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Each year around the world, followers of the Shia mourn the death of Imam Hussain, who was martyred in the desert of Karbala in 680 AD.

On that day, they go out and play with knives and knit them all together. This tradition has been around for a long time and is still continuing today.


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