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Happy Birthday to Pastor William McDowell.

Skyblog 06/29/2020

Born on the 31st of August 1976 in Ohio, United States, William suffered from chronic asthma while growing up. He had been hospitalized several times until one day when he was 10. His mother took him to a healing service and while the power of God was flowing mightily she urged him to go out because she believed he would be healed. The 10 year old William obeyed and went out, was prayed for and got healed of asthma. That event birthed a hunger and desire for God in little William's life. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Growing up he was gifted the book 'God Chasers' by Tommy Tenney, a powerful book about the move of God and after reading the first few chapters of the book, he closed it and told God "I am not going to leave this room until I encounter you this way" This led to him staying in that room for 3 days without food, desperately seeking the face of God. In his words, "My hunger and passion for God increased exponentially after that encounter.

The renowned music minister did not start out singing. He began by playing drums for his local church at age 12 and then abruptly shifted to playing the piano and by age 18 was already leading worship sessions. He moved to Orlando in 2001 to Full Sail University where he got his degree in Entertainment Business. While he was there he began serving as a music director and Keyboardist for the famous gospel minister; Ron Kenoly. He opened his recording studio in 2003, he became a worship leader at Lake Mary in 2006 and was ordained a pastor in 2007.

Pastor William Mcdowell never knew he would one day become the famous minister he is today. In an interview with Pastor Erica he said; " Anyone whom God chooses to use always has a similar experience like David had in 1 Samuel Chapter 16". He shared an experience of how the church he was attending at a time organised a retreat for those who God would be using in ministry but he wasn't chosen to go with the others for the retreat. He was asked to stay back in the Church and lead worship while the others went for the retreat. The irony was how the Lord years later chose to use the person who people thought was the least likely to be used by God.

Pastor William's worship ministry is blessed with notable miracles and his concerts have blessed many lives. Once in Guyana, a country in South America after leading three songs, McDowell witnessed an historical event when the nation’s president took the stage to pray and offer his country back to God. Furthermore, he asked for forgiveness from the opposing political party and prayed for reconciliation. It was an unprecedented act that took the nation’s media by surprise, resulting in headlines such as “Historic Reconciliation At Gospel Concert".

The author, pastor and worship minister is married to Mrs LaTae McDowell and they are blessed with 5 children.

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joabalpheric · 07/13/2020
the man of God indeed

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