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Some States to resume school on July 6th - other states may join if nothing happens.


View pictures in App save up to 80% data. It is an old news that schools, churches, social activities, hotels and restaurants were closed down across the nation Nigeria like every other nations in the world, as a result of coronavirus pandemic which has caused a lot of deaths and damages to the nations' economy.

Some states in Nigeria have been using social media handles, radio and TV broadcast to teach their primary and secondary schools pupils and students respectively at home.

This has faced a lot of challenges, especially those students and pupils in the rural areas who have no access to internet, TV or even radio sets.

Last month, federal government ease the lockdown by allowing the citizens to go to markets from 8am to 2pm daily while some states go about their daily business and church services on full-time . Only civil services and schools are still on hold in those states.

Some critics were of the opinion that if coronavirus cannot spread in those states when the citizens meet in hundreds at the markets and churches that involve; children, youths and adults, it then simply means that Covid19 will not spread in schools if reopened.

Contrary to this , if schools should be reopened, especially the higher institutions whose some of their students had made interstate travel yet to go back to school before the lockdown started. Such students must go back to school on another interstate travel. This poses more risks of spreading the virus.

Not minding all these facts. Oyo state and Cross River State have decided to reopen schools on 6th of July which is next month. If things should go well without any effect of the Covid19 virus, other states will likely join. Therefore, schools, social activities, hotels and restaurants will gradually come back to their normal activities soon.

Do you think it is advisable to reopen schools, social activities, hotels and restaurants in Nigeria?

Source: opera.com
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