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Osun State likely to go on another Lockdown as a result of increase in Covid 19 pandemic

Tohnah 06/26/2020

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The case of Covid-19 increases rapidly in South Western part of Nigeria has been baffling the People of Nigeria

This week has been a great disaster for the People of Osun State as the State is increasing in Covid 19 patients which may leads to another week of lockdown.

The Honorable commissioner of Health in Osun State Dr Rafiu Isamotu was interviewed in a Show this Morning- Frank Talk on Rave 91.7 FM this morning with what actually brings about the Rapid Case of Covid-19 patients in Osun State. 

Mr Femi Olanipekun(Host): "Are we losing war against Covid-19 pandemic as we've recorded 30 cases in just a Week time after the State have been releived of this for some Weeks Back?"

Dr Rafiu Isamotu (Commissioner): "Well I can say Covid-19 is not relaxing but we the People are relaxing. People are not compiling with the Rules and Regulations laid out by Government. Wear your Face Mask, Maintain social distancing. I think this has been the cause of the Rapid increase in this Covid-19 pandemic. I watched the Prime Minister of Greece Few days ago and he said they were able to curtail this to a large Extent because People abided with the Regulations."

Host: "How were the new Cases confirmed, Were they brought to you or How do you came in contact with the New Cases? Were those people in contact with the Previous cases we had?"

Commissioner: "Last week Friday, a person came in from Lagos as a Result of sickness and we know that at this Moment. The Resident Medical Doctors are on Strike and the Man was unable to be treated the same thing when he was taken to Ibadan before he was brought to Osun State when he was discovered to be infected with the Covid-19 Virus. And I can't even believe that there are some people coming to Osun State despite the Inter State lockdown. I think if this continues We won't have no choice than to restrict the Lockdown. But I pray that shouldn't happen because we don't want it to but it all rests on Us."

Host: "What is your Closing Remarks?"

Commissioner: "Like a Caller said earlier that the Local Drivers know some routes that are not known to the Security Operatives. So we implore people not to move in or out of the State this will help a long way in fighting Covid-19. Thank you so Much"

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Top Comments
AmooOmolayoYekeen · 06/27/2020
we don't want another lockdown please,we haven't recovered from the past one.
BadmusArogunmosa · 06/26/2020
if another lockdown in Osun State is the wayout, let's go oo.
GUEST_rPR7ewDV9 · 06/26/2020
awon were
THONDAFEMI · 06/26/2020
which another lockdown when Oyo state is moving freely. oyetola shine your eye. what is the palliative measure you put in place first? last one you did nothing

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