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Tricycle rider in Jos commended for his innovative idea in the fight against corona virus

JayCampusHitz 06/26/2020

A particular tricycle rider in Jos has been identified and commended for his innovation towards the fight against the corona virus. The tricycle rider constructed a washing hand system attached to his tricycle. The system has a water container and a funnel for receiving water. The funnel is attached to a pipe which collects the water as you wash your hands and it flows under. Also hand sanitizer is made available after washing your hands.

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The tricycle rider always makes sure his passengers wash their hands and sanitize before boarding his tricycle (keke napep). He was spotted in town and was commended by passersby and some news agencies. This is indeed a good one, as being safe is the most important thing now.

The fight against the novel corona virus has continued to intensify across the globe. World governments continue to seek for better ways to contain the virus while hoping for a cure. The multiple lock-down orders given by governments has proven ineffective in this fight. The world economy suffers daily as the pandemic has crippled daily transactions worldwide. Most state in Nigeria and across the world have been left with no choice than to relax the lock-down.

This is in a bid to allow citizens return to their normal way of life so as to stabilize the economy. Without daily transactions state governments also suffer, as businesses can't pay tax. This they need to manage the affairs of their state. The Governor of Plateau His Excellency Simon Bako Lalong has also relaxed the lock-down indefinitely.

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Just one week after the relaxation the number of corona virus cases has seen a great rise. The number as of today June 25th , 2020 is 293. In a press release issued on the 21st of June the governor expressed concerns and attributed the rise to the lack of compliance to the guidelines in the fight against the virus. To this a special task-force has been deployed who have been instructed to arrest defaulters. Also a mobile court has been setup to try and persecute offenders.

Always remember to wash your hands and wear your nose mask. Spread the love not the virus.

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Source: opera.com
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