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See What Goodluck Jonathan Said Will Happen After He Leaves Office

Enioluwaadeniyi 06/26/2020

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There is a popular saying that we all do things to be remembered in the future, but its now left to you to do the right thing which would be appreciated by people years to come or you prefer to dwell on the negative path.

Nigerians years ago voted President Goodluck Jonathan who contested under the Peoples Democratic Party out of government over claims that he is too soft and does not have control over his administration.

The former President while leaving government in 2015 noted that five years after he is out of government Nigerians will begin to remember the good deeds he has done for this country.

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Goodluck in a post spotted on Premium Times, dated December, 30, 2014, had noted that Nigerians will praise him years after he leaves office as the President of Nigeria.

He further stated that Nigerians will start appreciating his achievements and actions when he leaves office.

And trust me it is already happening, Nigerians are comparing the present administration with the Goodluck Jonathan government and are praising the former Governor for his accomplishment while in office.

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