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Arteta Likely To Sell Gouendouzi This Summer

Chuksogbu 06/24/2020

Reports Coming out of London seems to be claiming that Arsenal Boss Mikel Arteta is planning to sell french midfielder Matteo Gouendouzi following his recent antics.

Gouendouzi was in the headlines Recently after grabbing Neal Maupay by the throat after Arsenal's 2-1 defeat to Brighton on Saturday.

It is claimed that Gouendouzi taunted Brighton players on the disparity on their wages, and Arteta may now see it as the final straw.

Reports Claim that Arteta is planning to sell Gouendouzi this summer if offers come in,

Arteta reportedly watched a footage and saw Gouendouzi laughing and Playing when Arteta's back was turned, at a time the Arsenal Boss wants full focus.

Arteta may have lost trust in Gouendouzi, wether it is to stay focus in training or taking responsibility on the pitch.

The French man undoubtedly has huge potential, but Arteta needs to be able to trust him so as to make him a big part of his team.

At 21 Gouendouzi will likely receive plenty of interest should he be available, if the report is true Arsenal could be making money after offloading Gouendouzi.

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