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7 Practices That Fasten Weight Loss Without Exercise.

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5 ways you can loose weight fast even without exercise.

There is no magic to loosing weight, loosing weight demands commitment, consistency, patience aand conscious decision in the journey to achieve your dream body and weight.

Listed below are some ways of loosing weight even without exercises:

1) Eating early

Eating during the day makes you loose weight slowly than at night because the body system is more active during the day. Stop all eatimg 3 (three) hours before going to bed.

2) Cut down on carbohydrates and eat more protein

Reduce your intake of carbohydrate and replace with proteins e.g meat, fish, beans etc. High intake of protein helps in shedding more weight.

3) Portion control

This is one of the simple and easy ways of loosing weight, this works by measuring your food, eating in smaller plates and in small quantity,. This helps in reducing and keeping calories in check.

4) Drink more water

Science shows that drinking water increases and speeds weight loss by supressing the appetite.

5) Eat more fruits

Fruits are rich in vitamins, fibres and low in calories making them best for weight loss. Fruits like apple, water melon, etc. Fruits should also be eaten in moderation

6) Control sugar intake

Eating sugar is one of the major cause of weight gain among many people. Limit your sugar intake.

7) Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is now a popular way of loosing weight. This is the time pattern between meal periods and fasting. If you notice any negative effect, stop immediately.

If you want to see fast and good results, you'll need to practice these different methods to keep fat away.

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