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Take A Look At Three Major Reasons People Commit Suicide.

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These days, I get a number of people call or chat me, to ask questions on the subject of suicide; majorly for the fact that I’m a graduate of psychology, human behaviour enthusiast and a counseling psychologist.

Although, there are countless of reliable professional thoughts and researches you can find on the subject of suicide online.

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Here are three shocking reasons why people may commit suicide.

1. To End The Pain:

Contrary to what you may think, a number of people who commit suicide do so not because they take pleasure in taking their own lives, but because they see suicide as an avenue to end and escape the continuous psychological and emotional pain they are going through. The cause of these psychological pain may vary for each person. Some times it might be as a result of traumatic experience from a painful loss of someone or something very valuable.

Other times, it might be as a result of frustration from carrying the burden of deep secrets of certain troubling or grievious things they might have done or have been done to them of which no one knows about, and are terrified by the imagined consequence if such is finally exposed. Or sometimes, it could be as a result of the feeling of endless emotional exhaustion and frustration of life, career, health, financial, or family pressure.

2. For Revenge or To prove a Point:

Strangely enough, follow-up studies on suicide notes and reports from people who have attempted suicide in the past reveals certain pattern that some people may commit suicide to seek revenge; to prove their innocence or make a point, and to inflict perpetual guilt and psychology pain of grieve and regret on those they left behind or on the particular person involved in what hurts them.

Carefully reading through the lines of some suicide notes, you may see statements like: “…If I’m dead, hold my mum responsible”. “…Kunle, this is all your fault. I can’t bear this anymore. I hope you’re happy now?”. “…I’m sorry, I took my life because of my Dad’s pressure and dislike for me”. “Sharon, I told you I will kill myself if you leave me. After all I did for you, you chose to destroy my life. This is on your conscience. Please live with it”.

3. Depression:

Unreported and undiagnosed clinical depression is one of the major reasons why most people commit suicide. When recurring episodes of clinical depression overwhelms people, they may develop symptoms of suddenly becoming withdrawn from daily or social activities in an unusual way. Feeling irritated with life. Experiencing feeling of meaninglessness, hopelessness of all efforts, emptiness and seeing no reason to continue with life.

At such moment, thoughts of suicide or to engage in life threatening activities to end their own lives may become predominant. Although there are many detailed outline of symptoms you can find online to keep yourself abreast, but these symptoms varies from person to person, while some people might even be asymptomatic (not showing any signs and symptoms).

It’s adviced to always ensure to visit a nearby clinical psychology center or report to a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist when such experiences are becoming recurrent. But one thing you should avoid is engaging in continuous self-help or some religious ritual of what you don’t understand.

I hope you find this helpful? Have a great time.

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