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Gunmen killed a doctor, son and a friend after receiving a ransom of N7.5m

HubBornoState 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Gunmen killed a doctor, son and a friend after receiving a ransom of N7.5m.

Intelligence officials have arrested a group of kidnappers accused of killing three people after receiving a ransom of N7.5 million from their families. DCP spokesman Frank Mba disclosed this in Abuja on Monday when they arrested 26 suspects in kidnapping, armed robbery, weapons possession and other crimes.

According to him, a group of kidnappers kidnapped Dr Ausu Benedict, his son and a friend on their way to Abuja. While in custody, the suspects contacted their families and received N7 million as ransom payment. "Prior to receiving the ransom, the suspects forced Benedict to write a check for N500,000 which they went to remove," the police said. Mba expressed regret over the killing of the hostages after receiving the ransom.

"Among the suspects, we have arrested a group suspected of mastering terrorism in the North Central region," he said, adding that they have received N7 million ransom from Audu Benedict's family. "At their disposal, they forced the doctor to write a check of N500,000 which amounted to N7.5 million. After receiving the ransom, they destroyed the doctor, his son and his friend." abducted Veronica Friends, who is the sister of one of the suspects, two of whom pleaded guilty.The police obtained AK 47 6 assault rifles and other deadly weapons.

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GoodTiding. · 06/30/2020
Vexatious!... outrightly condemnable !

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