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Pundit offers up an interesting idea that could work for Mikel Arteta

THENAIJA3 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Arsenal has signed David Luiz on to a new deal despite his poor ,showing in the club’s defence. Most fans have been left disappointed by Mikel Arteta’s , decision to stick by the defender for another season.

Luiz had started this year well under Arteta, however, on the return of football, he seemed to have lost his way yet again.

He was substituted into Arsenal’s first game against Manchester City, and in less than half an hour on the pitch, he had managed to cost the Gunners two goals and he also got himself sent off.

After watching his recent showing at the back, former Liverpool star, Steve Nicol reckons that the Brazilian can no longer play ,in defence and he advised Arteta to convert him into a midfielder.

“I think Arteta’s looking around the, squad and figuring ‘if I let this guy go I’ve got even less than nothing’, I think that’s what it is,” Nicol told ESPN FC.

“Listen, Arteta’s got an opportunity here to change David Luiz’s career because David Luiz’s career as a centre-back, in my opinion, is and should be over.

“He’s got to the stage now that whatever team he plays for, if he’s your centre-back, the whole crowd are holding their breath every time he goes to make a challenge or every time he goes to make an interception.

“That means you’ve got to, change and the fact is he’s a good football player, this guy can pass the ball no question.

“So get him a step up, get him into the middle of the park because do you ,know what? They’ve got nothing in the middle of the park.

“[Granit] Xhaka, [Dani] Ceballos, [Matteo] Guendouzi, [Lucas] Torreira’s never fit – why don’t you push this ,guy into the middle and at least you’d get some football out of him.

“And when he makes mistakes ,in the middle of the park, they’ll be a backline to try and make up for it.”

This is not actually a bad suggestion, Luiz has the passing to become a midfielder and he has played in that position before, however, he will have to work on his concentration as that is still an issue.

Source: opera.com
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