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Black lives Matter; A message to Mother Nature by the African Child

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A letter to Mother Nature by the Black panther. Mother of Nature how beautiful is your aura, your elegance and your personality. I'm am just a young emissary whose work is to serve humanity. I carry with me a message from the black panther which reads thus

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Dear mother ,if you are listening to this message now I would want you to know that we are blessed that you received it, the letter has traveled unopposed from Cincinnati to western Europe,from Western Europe to Eastern Asia down to your beautiful continent Africa . We wallow in incongruity, we shed tears of hopelessness, and we cry unto your bosom so that thou may know that we have trampled our tender feet upon the solid Rock of racism.

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As the ink of my pen was smashed against the paper, I took a mind trip to reminisce how beautiful and peaceful the lands of Africa were when thou place of abode was on the soil. Oil flowed endless from the great lands of Riverside,Gold mined in the land of Kumasi, artefacts sourced by philosophers in the temple of Annubis and In the old court of Ras Tafari in Ethiopia. Little ones gathered around the tall iroko tree at full moon to discuss myths ranging from the story of the mystical Anunnebe tree to the great ogwugwu in Igbo land.

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Now I feel like I belong more in the world of my imaginations more than the world of reality, the world of reality is scary . Sadly, this beautiful land is no more what it ought to be for after thou intervened in 1888 to set us free from the shackles and chain we were subjugated to live with the oyibo is back again. This time around it became deadly because it became invisible and lives only in the minds of your people. In their language thus"it is seen as Neocolonialism, racism and inferiority complex . Such was the case when your son who was murdered beneath the statue of liberty with the shackles hung over his neck cried out to you"OH MOTHER I CANT BREATH. We are being suffocated thus breathing became a problem for us.. As we implore you oh! mother of nature to intervene by given us solidarity for one another, the peace of understanding and love that we are one people though different *Colour,*Race,*Language.

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No matter what happens in life,we live with the understanding that we are one people from one mud of earth

#Black's life matters.

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Smilesreport · 07/9/2020
we are one
Smilesreport · 07/4/2020
black lives matter
Smilesreport · 06/30/2020
black lives matter

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